What is Abuse

What is Child Abuse?

Child abuse is when perpetrator causes psychological, physical, emotional or acts of neglect to do harm to a child. In severe cases, it may result in the child’s death or extreme injury/trauma. There are many forms of child abuse, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.

  • Physical abuse is the intentional harm caused to a child by a parent, guardian, or other adult. 
  • Child sexual abuse includes any sexual activity with a minor. Child sexual abuse does not have to include physical contact between the perpetrator and the child. 
  • Emotional abuse is when a parent of caregiver damages a child’s mental or social development or cause emotional harm. Many times, this abuse follows a pattern overtime. 
  • Neglect is when a parent or guardian deprives a child of their basic needs, including inadequate supervision, health care, clothing, or housing, as well as other physical, emotional, social, educational, and safety needs. 

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse or Domestic Violence, is a behavior in a relationship that is used to gain power or control over the other partner in the relationship. Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, or even economic actions or threats towards the other person. The abuser may frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, hurt, blame, injure, or wound the other person. Domestic abuse can happen to anyone regardless of their race, preference, religion, or gender at any level of a relationship.

Domestic Abuse may also include another household member such as a child or relative. Domestic Abuse usually escalates over time in frequency and severity and can eventually result in physical injuries or even death

What is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual activity with a perpetrator using force, making threats, or taking advantage of victims who did not or can not give consent. Most victims know their perpetrator. 

What is Elderly Abuse?

Elder abuse is when physical, emotional, financial, or sexual harm is inflicted on an elderly person. Elderly people are normally unable to fight back, so they are easily abused by those who care for them. This often takes place as financial exploitation or neglect for their wellbeing. Elder abuse tends to be inflicted by those who take care of them such as family members or care facilities. 

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